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ZQD Buffer


Product introduction:

ZQD series dampers: the working principle of dampers is through the interaction of piston and damping fluid, and when external force is applied, there is a certain damping force for downward pressure or upward stretching, which makes dampers slowly expand or shorten. It is often used in all kinds of machinery which need damping structure, so that the mechanical damage of the parts is not easy to be caused by the inertia in the process of use.

Type of dampers:

1. Tensile to dampers: when the tensile force is applied, the resistance is obvious, and the lower pressure is very small. It is suitable for components with only tensile damping.

Two, compressed to dampers: when the compression force is applied, the resistance is obvious, and the resistance is very small when it is stretched. It is suitable for the components with only compression damping.

Three, bi-directional dampers: when exerting tension or pressure, they all have obvious resistance. It is suitable for two way damping components.



1, this product is an oil pressure product, can not be dissect, no collision and knocking.

2. This product is an oil pressure product, not near the fire source

3, to ensure the reliability of sealing, shall not damage the surface of the piston rod, is strictly prohibited to paint and chemicals painting on the surface of the piston rod.

4. The ambient temperature of this product is -10 C ~ +60 C (products that can be used at special ambient temperature).

Installation of joint point, should be flexible, no blocking phenomenon