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MQD Die gas spring


MQD series mold nitrogen spring:
Die for nitrogen spring (referred to as die or nitrogen or nitrogen gas spring spring nitrogen cylinder or cylinder) is a new type of elastic components with high pressure nitrogen as the working medium, it has the advantages of small size, high elasticity, long stroke, stable work, manufacturing precision, long service life, and do not need to slowly stretch Qu Xianping, preload etc. it has a metal spring, rubber and air and other conventional elastic components to complete the work, simplify the mould design and manufacture, convenient installation and adjustment of mould, prolong the service life of the mold, to ensure the stability of product quality, but also can be designed as a nitrogen system, to work as part of a mold, in the system can be to facilitate the realization of constant pressure and delay action, is a flexible performance of a new generation of ideal elastic components.

Basic parameters:
Pressure medium -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nitrogen gas
The maximum inflatable pressure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3000N
Minimum inflatable pressure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 50N
The temperature of the working environment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0 C to +80 C
Increment of unit temperature projectile pressure -- -- -- -- -- -- + 0.3% degrees
The maximum number of strokes per minute -- -- -- -- -- - 100~150 (at 20 degrees C)
The maximum velocity of the plunger rod - -- - -- -- - -- - 1.6 meters per second
The surface of the plunger -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- QPQ/ chromium plating
Cylinder surface - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- spray paint treatment

HD mold nitrogen spring characteristics and attention:

The cause of the gas leakage of the product:

1. Because of the high frequency of the nitrogen spring, the friction between the piston rod and the seal causes the attrition of the seal. Chronic air leakage of the product.

2, due to improper installation or use, the surface of the piston rod is formed to form a dent and point wear. When the piston rod moves to the wear position, it produces chronic air leakage.

3, due to improper installation or use, more than the product design travel. The upper plate load on the cylinder surface causes the seal assembly to be subjected to pressure damage and produces chronic air leakage. (selection suggestion: Design stroke = use stroke +2mm)

The traditional mold nitrogen spring is installed at the bottom of the product, which is filled with air holes. It is used for the two time inflation, but has formed the nitrogen gas spring which leaks out. In fact, it is damaged on the surface of the sealing component or the piston rod, and it will continue to be inflated, and it will fail again for a long time due to chronic leakage. Therefore, the product is only suitable for one time use and is not suitable for the two inflatable use. The inflatable hole at the bottom of the product will only be an uncertain factor for air leakage.

Our company has improved this product, and selected the high wear resistant special seal assembly to improve the service life of the product, cancelled the bottom hole filling, and used the one-time inflatable molding process to simplify the structure, reduce the cost and give profits to the customers.