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LQD Tension gas spring


Product introduction:

Pneumatic spring is a new type of nitrogen spring. Its normal state is shortened, and it needs external force drawing. The curve of tension is small, basically constant, and its service life is high. It is suitable for all kinds of components needing traction and traction. The quality of the product is stable, the installation is convenient, and the cost performance is outstanding. It has replaced the common wire spring, and has become the mainstream of the market.

1. The structure of the product is simple and the installation and maintenance are convenient

2. Do not need external power at work and save energy

3, the working process, the lift curve of small, substantially constant.

4. A variety of performance options:

A, half path buffer

B, stroke end buffer

C, the whole process without buffer


1, this product is a pressure product, can not be dissect, no collision and knocking.

2, pay attention to the direction of installation, when the product is free, the cylinder body should be installed down.

3, to ensure the reliability of sealing, shall not damage the surface of the piston rod, is strictly prohibited to paint and chemicals painting on the surface of the piston rod.

4. The ambient temperature of this product is -20 C ~ +60 C (products that can be used at special ambient temperature).

5, install connection point, should rotate flexibly, can not have card resistance phenomenon.